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Are All Heating Oil Companies Same?

Heating Oil.

We all know the old adage, you get what you pay for. And yes, It holds true for home heating oil and the company that delivers it. We all know that we can make some calls or browse the internet to find the lowest price. But, is a delivery the whole story? No. That is why want to be your energy partner in maintaining the comfort of your home. Why is Mercury Energy different?

Mercury Energies home heating oil service:

  1. We have the technicians to install and maintain your home heating equipment. Better maintained equipment runs more efficiently saving you on the amount of fuel used. Over the long run, those savings are impressive.
  2. We buy in large quantities of quality fuel oil for two reasons. To ensure the supply to our customers and to pass cost savings along to you.
  3. We offer many different payment plans to fit your family budget.
  4. We monitor your home energy use against the weather to be sure you never run out.

Mercury Energy has been in business for generations partnering with you for the best service, quality and price of your clean burning efficient oil heat.  We have our team on call to take care of the every day running of your heating system and to take care of those unexpected emergencies.

Are all home heating oil companies the same? No. With Mercury Energy you don’t have to worry about running out of oil and calling a delivery man at the last minute. We work to keep your family safe and warm so you don’t have to worry.

We’re here for you, 24/7

Our licensed professionals are always available to handle those unexpected heating or cooling system failures. And because we have our own oil storage facility right here in Waterbury, you can be sure that whenever a delivery is due, it will arrive on time. An oil company without its own storage tanks can only promise oil.… Continue Reading

Go Paperless…Pay your Bill Online

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Is it a furnace? Is it a boiler?

The word “furnace” has become a generic term for heating systems. In reality, a furnace is the heating unit in a warm air (also called forced-air) system. After air is heated in the furnace, a blower forces it into a duct system, and it is released through vents or registers on floors, walls, or ceilings. Continue Reading

The Mercury Advantage

You’ve seen those ads with for heating oil with super-low prices. So what’s behind them? Those discount oil companies haven’t discovered some magic formula. They just don’t offer most of the services that seem to matter to the majority of homeowners. For example, they don’t extend credit – you have to stay home and pay… Continue Reading