Heating Oil FAQ

– Why should I sign up for Mercury Energy’s Automatic Delivery option?

Mercury Energy’s “degree-day” delivery system, storage tank, and large fleet of trucks assure you that your next fuel delivery will be there on time, before you need oil. Mercury makes getting through the winter heating season worry free.

– Why do I need to setup an account?

Mercury Energy is a “full service” heating oil company that offers more value-added services than simply delivering oil.  We are your energy partner; we ensure your equipment is running at the best efficiency possible, we have a large storage facility guaranteeing there will not be a supply interruption, we have technicians available 24/7/365, and we extend you credit, giving you time to pay.

– What are my payment options?

Following credit approval, payment is due 30 days after your oil is delivered.  Alternatively, Mercury Energy highly recommends our budget plans, where we estimate your usage, and spread your payments over several months. Think of our budget plan as a “home heating savings account” that saves you from facing unpleasantly high heating bills during the winter season.

– Is oil heat a good value?

Compared to the Consumer Price Index, which represents the average prices consumers pay on a wide range of products, oil heat has increased about half as much since the early 1980s. In addition, oil heat has increased by only a fifth compared to the total increase in medical care costs from the same time period.

– Is oil heat safe?

Home heating oil is not flammable — if a person dropped a match into a tank of heating oil, it would go out as if it were dropped into water. Before home heating oil can burn, your furnace’s nozzle must vaporize the oil as it enters the fire chamber. Homeowners can rest assured that their family and property are safe when they heat their home with oil.

– Is oil heat efficient?

Thanks to dramatic advances in oil burner technology in recent years, modern oil heating systems boast efficiency ratings over 90%! Average fuel consumption in 1973 was a whopping 1,294 gallons, while modern systems have reduced that number to a mere 833 gallons, a 33% reduction!

– Is oil heat clean?

Today’s oil heat burns 95% cleaner than it did in 1970. When properly adjusted and maintained, new oil heating systems do not create soot, dirt or odors in the home.

– Is oil heat bad for the environment?

No. In fact, oil burns so clean there are no federal regulations. Oil heating is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable; therefore oil poses no threat to our environment.

– Why is Mercury Energy the best oil company for you?

Mercury has been in the business for generations providing areas around Connecticut with clean burning efficient oil heat and service on your homes heating systems. We have our crews on call to take care of those unexpected emergencies.