Our Founders


brothersMike and Babe Devino started a small retail home heating oil business in Waterbury’s Brooklyn section… the year was 1947. The two brothers operated out of a three bay garage and with just one 500 gallon delivery truck. Little did they realize that the fledgling company would be a thriving enterprise a half century later.

It wasn’t long after they started that the neighborhood learned that this was a service-oriented pair, who kept their customers warm regardless of the weather. In these early days, many a meal was missed, or interrupted, by an emergency call to keep a customer’s home from getting cold.

truckIn over a half century since its inception, Mercury Energy Distributors has grown and adopted many innovations in the heating oil business. In the 50’s, Mercury took over the old Richfield Oil plant on Porter Street; in the early 60’s, purchased the adjacent land on Lafayette Street and erected their current main office; in the early 70’s began installing heating and air conditioning systems; and, in 1992, doubled the size of its home office to accommodate the ever growing enterprise.