The Mercury Advantage

advantageYou’ve seen those ads with for heating oil with super-low prices. So what’s behind them?

Those discount oil companies haven’t discovered some magic formula. They just don’t offer most of the services that seem to matter to the majority of homeowners. For example, they don’t extend credit – you have to stay home and pay cash when they deliver your fuel. They can’t fix your boiler if it breaks. Even if they advertise equipment services, this service is almost always done by subcontractors. Try to get open of those to show up when it’s 15 degrees on a Friday night!

And don’t count on them to make an emergency delivery during a snowstorm as we have done – thanks to our four-wheel drive truck with a plow in the front and an oil tank in the back. Discounters don’t deliver premium fuel either. Our fuel contains important additives to keep your system running cleaner for greater efficiency and longer equipment life.

By choosing Mercury, you can always count on reliable neighborhood service – the kind you can’y pit a price on! We’re very proud that our team always comes through for our customers, no matter what. When the weather really turns cold or a big snowstorm hits, our people work extremely long hours – including weekends – all so that our customers will not be left in the cold.

It’s not the cheapest way to do business, but in the end it can make a big difference in your comfort and peace of mind.

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